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Elbow orthosis with an adjustable hinge

Elbow orthosis with an adjustable hinge

Elbow orthosis with an adjustable hinge

Elbow orthosis for dogs we have developed together with MVDr. Duchek so that if necessary, to fully ensure the fixation of the elbow joint, or are able to accurately determine the range of motion.

The orthosis is made of durable and flexible plastic, is fully padded neoprene. From the inner side is provided with an auxiliary plastic joint, the outer side is provided with a specialized prosthetic metal joint which can be arbitrarily set according to the needs of the patient. It allows full immobilization of the elbow, controlling the movement of flexion and extension at 10 ° full range of motion of the elbow. The elbow orthosis is fastened to the leg with Velcro.

It is suitable for patients with diseases of the ligaments in the elbow joint instability during the post-traumatic rehabilitation, at the discretion of the veterinarian.

The advantages our elbow orthosis compared to  permanently fixation is:

- The possibility of deploying and off as needed

- Absolute permeability prevents steaming skin

- Gives the ability to instantly and regularly check the condition of the skin and treat the wound

- Padded neoprene protects the skin from abrasion

- Adjustable prosthetic joint lets you adjust the range of motion of the elbow according to the patient's needs

- Thanks to adjustable joint is the use of the orthosis suitable for recovery


Elbow orthosis use on the advice of a veterinarian and follow his instructions. Do not leave dog with an orthosis run wild, despite the strengthening of the joint exercise regime is necessary to adapt the dog's condition. If the dog is not under the direct, supervision an orthosis protect against the biting dog for example a coneless collar.

Sizes of Elbow orthoses
Code Sizes Lenght from elbow down Lenght from elbow up
inside outside
4200 10 15 cm 6,5 cm 5,5 cm
4201 13 15 cm 6,5 cm 5,5 cm
4210 13D 17 cm 7,5 cm 6,5 cm
4211 15 17 cm 7,5 cm 6,5 cm